Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ruta Los Condores, Beach Horseback Riding, Climbing, Etc...

Rundown:  A few light adventures around Chile in the past weeks.  Climbing, riding, surfing, etc...

Location:  Santiago, Maitencillo, y mas...

One Mic Stand:  A open mic night put on by our buddy Jhan for a good cause.  

Beach Riding in Maitencillo:  Took Miranda's family to the coast to eat seafood and ride horses in the high sand dunes and gallop on the beach.  

Paso los Condores:  Fantastic bike route over a high pass between Cajon de Maipo and Farellones.

Riding around 8,000 ft at the pass.  

A break to fuel up and fix the bikes on the trail.  

The reason it's called 'Paso los Condores'.  Groups of massive swirling birds put caution in our ride.

Lots and lots of climbing.  You can tell the scale of the mountains from the massive electrical tower strung over the mountains.  Great bands and colors.

Stopping for a quick break.

The pass.  Pretty happy to be on the downhill at that point.  Although I would've been happier to be dropping with my buddy Brad's bike that I'm holding, a gorgeous fully, instead of my old hardtail.

The motley crew.  Bunch of great riders.  Then there's the guy in the black jacket on the left who still needs some practice.

Climbing around Santiago.  Have been doing more routes around here.  Good stuff.


Climbing a multi-pitch route in Las Chilcas with my French friend Flo.  He always climbs with a beret and a baguette under his arm.  Says it help his climbing.

Making it to the top:  Fun

Descending in the dark: Not so fun.

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