Monday, August 24, 2009

The Apartment

Location: Centro in Cartagena, Colombia

Rundown: The rundown of the new apartment! Sweet! Well, after a quick fix up after the ceiling caved in a few spots the apartment is up and running! High ceilings, intricate tiled floors, and tall doors that open the whole side of the apartment up to the street!

Getting into monsoon season! Here's a little video of the rain coming down on Cartagena out the windows:

After much searching, found a guy who made furnature who worked 'under the bridge in Bazurto', a sketchy area outside of town. Had a rough bar table and high chairs made for cheap and did a little work on 'em!

They started out pretty rough (and with a severe tendancy to wobble) but after some sandpaper, paint and TLC they looked great!

With the big doors open and the fans on, the place is pretty cool. The street gets shut down at night, so there's no traffic besides the gregarious Centro goers on foot.

Had a little house warming gathering with the COJOWA crew. Brought big energy, good food, and maybe a few spirits...

The apartment is topped off with a couple of newbies: FISH FRIENDS! Although there were many colors to choose from, the primary colors, red, blue, and yellow, were decided apon by the nerd crew that hangs around these parts. They reside in the mangroves that I grew from floating seed pods found in the sea last year!

The fish were a little shell shocked after the photo shoot, but they're doing alright. They don't have names, so if you have any good names in a set of 3 (i.e. Larry, Moe and Curly) send it to me via email or post it as a comment! Best names will be given to the fish and a prize for the namer too! Sweet!

The Cathedral is framed right in the living room window. The upside of such a humid season is the amazing sunsets that highlight the terracotta roofline.

If you're looking for the apartment, here's a little video to show you where we are...

So there you go! More to come...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cartagena: Round II

Location: Cartagena, Colombia
Rundown: Getting back into the swing of things in Cartagena. Ready for round two!

Flew back into Cartagena a few days before we were supposed to start school. It's so hot here! I must have forgotten! It's like being in a shower room...with a city full of people.

Found my way to my new apartment in beautiful Centro to find the summer rains had put a couple big holes in the ceiling. Sweet. So immediately the repairs begin. The place is beautiful, with high ceilings, old tiled floors, and tall doors that open almost the entire front of the apartment out to the street.

One of Cartagena's cathedrals is right out the window. The street is blocked off in the evening, so only foot traffic goes through. The street has a sketchy feel, but is safe and low key.

Spent a few days in meetings for school. Spent some R&R time in a roof-top pool/restaurant with friends in preparation for the beginning of school.