Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cartagena: Round II

Location: Cartagena, Colombia
Rundown: Getting back into the swing of things in Cartagena. Ready for round two!

Flew back into Cartagena a few days before we were supposed to start school. It's so hot here! I must have forgotten! It's like being in a shower room...with a city full of people.

Found my way to my new apartment in beautiful Centro to find the summer rains had put a couple big holes in the ceiling. Sweet. So immediately the repairs begin. The place is beautiful, with high ceilings, old tiled floors, and tall doors that open almost the entire front of the apartment out to the street.

One of Cartagena's cathedrals is right out the window. The street is blocked off in the evening, so only foot traffic goes through. The street has a sketchy feel, but is safe and low key.

Spent a few days in meetings for school. Spent some R&R time in a roof-top pool/restaurant with friends in preparation for the beginning of school.

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