Monday, July 20, 2009

Back in the U.S.of A

Location: Midwest, U.S. of A
Rundown: A month long flyby return home.

Flew home early in July. Spent a few days at home then headed out to Rothbury Music Festival with Chelsea and Liza! Needless to say, we had a super fun time. Listened to some great music, snoozed, and had some sibling bonding.

Did some biking around Charlevoix with my family.

Spent a few days in Wisconsin visiting Miranda. Met her wonderful family, drove her '65 Mustang, and ate enough cheese to build a scale model of the moon when people still thought it was a distant, culinary delight.

Miranda came to Charlevoix for my birthday! We did some water skiing, kayaking, etc...

It was a quick, busy summer, and we were pretty dragged out at the end of it!

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