Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flying Season 2011

Location:  The Skies Over Santiago!

Rundown:  Fall flying in Chile!

Had an excellent flying season this year.  The thermals were pretty good and I logged many hours in the air on my new equipment.  I'm flying an Axis Pluto II, which is pretty stable, but handles well also.  

On the weekends when there are good thermals there are lots of people up flying in Huecheraba.  Some come to fly, others come for be passengers on tandem flight, others come to watch from the relative safety of the ground.

  I generally let them find the thermals.  If they end up landing in the valley and walking up instead of landing at the launch, better wait for the thermals to build.

Other days it's just you and the open sky above Huecheraba and you have to watch the hawks for where to find lift.

Makes for an excellent end to the day, provided that the thermals aren't strong enough to get you airsick, which happens from time to time.

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