Sunday, February 12, 2012

Berlin Bound

Location: Berlin, Germany

Rundown: Checked out Berlin over a weekend with my sister and her German friend Alex.

Wandered the streets with our awesome guides and checked out the touristy places. The gorgeous Brandenburg Gates...

...the glass dome-topped Reichstag...

...interesting architecture...

...and amazing museums.

Sometimes I see museums like I see zoos. Who thinks they own these? Maybe they're better preserved here and would be in danger where they originated. When do they go back?

Got to see the Berlin wall... what's left of it.

The whole thing is decorated with murals, reminiscent of the artwork done in Belfast on buildings and walls.

The Holocaust memorial in Berlin. Looks angular from the street, but you slowly descend into a deep depression with massive stone pillars looming overhead. More and more profound the further you explore.

I was impressed with this memorial. I could've spent much time lost in the labyrinth, thinking about the significance of it.

Super fun to hang out with my sister in Berlin!

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