Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prague Prancing

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Rundown: Passed a few days wandering the gothic Prague trying Czech language and beer!

There are no signs indicating that you're leaving Germany and entering Czech Republic on the road between Dresden and Prague. You just understand the signs less than before! Pozor??

The city is filled with ornate and archaic marvels, including this astronomical clock from 1410 that tells the time in several different systems, marks the progression of the calendar, and comes to life i chiming and dancing sculptures on the hour.

Learned some newer history, that Budweiser is, in fact, a Czech beer! But of course, it's 'the king of beers', and we don't have a monarchy in the states.

Walked along Wenceslas Square, a long boulevard with nice shops and restaurants. At the end in front of a huge governmental building is a statue of Saint Wenceslas, as in "Good king Wenceslas looked out, on the feast of Stephen".

Wenceslas lived in the 900's AD, a century after the oldest part of the castle was built. Names from Christmas carols don't seem connected to real people until you see buildings that are as old as the people in the songs.

It's a beautiful hike up to the Prague castle overlooking the city and the Vltava river. The cobblestone streets and archaic but brightly painted buildings were a great spot to wander.

Had many delicious meals in Prague, including this brew pub with live music and fresh brewed beer.

The Czech had great meats and a terrific goulash soup, which is a spicy stew with meat and veggies. I had it a few times while I was there!

Although the weather was cold and we occasionally had clouds, there were few people wandering around Prague with us. We were spoiled to have the place to ourselves.

The night view out over Praha from the cathedral tower.

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