Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chilean Winter Shenanigans

Rundown: General shenanigans in wintry Chile.

Location: Santiago, Chile

Ice climbing excursion with a few friends into Yerba Loca to climb some frozen water falls.

Fresh snow had just fallen in the mountains. It was deep when we started and got nothing but deeper as we progressed. Even with snowshoes and mountaineering boots we were sinking deep.

Made it almost up to a possible climb with Sergio, a new neighbor and buddy from school when it started getting dark.

Took too long to get to the climb due to deep snow. Too bad we didn't realize it until a hundred feet up a steep, snowy valley side approaching the climb. Turned back. You can't win 'em all.

Played some music with some talented musicians of the Nido faculty at a partay. I'm impressed with how many musically talented teachers there are here!

Had a visit from an old buddy, one Hal Foster, a Charlevoix native! I think we met when we were the same age as the kids I'm teaching now! Yikes!

Checked out a local market with Hal one day. The local produce isn't in full swing, being winter down here, but there are still farmers' markets around.

Never too far from music, although the Cueca music is arguably not.

Also, being close to the ocean, there's never any shortage of fresh sea food!

In our Santiago meanderings we came across a Andean dance parade surging through the streets of the city center.

Lots of colors, Andean music, and singing. The costumes were out of this world, although most of the chicas had bright red skin from the cold!

Pretty neat and impromptu. I told Foster that I planned the whole thing.

It always is nice to have guests. Their excitement gives me the reminder of why I'm living abroad, re-opens my eyes to the amazing experiences here that I sometimes forget about. Come on down!

The old cathedrals in the city aren't spectacular, but worth some time to wander around.

Also brought Hal up skiing. Not a terrific visibility day. The helo had trouble getting to our drop zone... didn't even make it off the ground.

In all actuality, this was our helo, but it works just fine!

Made lots of good food with Hal and spent some time catching up.

Also spent a little time in the pubs. This is one of our favorites, Satira, with a cozy little ambiance and good food ta-boot!

On Saturdays I go up with seven other teachers, bringing 96 middle and high school students up to Valle Nevado, the local ski resort for the Nido Ski Club. We bring 'em up intact,

We also get some quality time with the powder. Off piste... so sweet.

Also doing some hiking when the snow clears up here and there.

Working hard, but also enjoying the fruits of the Andes.

That's about it for now! Looking forward to Buenos Aires and Iguazu falls!

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mom said...

Love the new pic/background. Amazing look at those peaks thru the fog - maybe next a pic from the top looking back. Enjoy!