Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Mountain Casita

Location: Arrayan Canyon, Santiago, Chile

Rundown: Moved into a new place up in the mountains!

From the neighborhoods of Lo Barnechea, close to the school, packed up and moved up into a canyon in the mountains!

The place is pretty small, but a good size for two.

The whole place is heated solely by a wood stove called a 'bosca', I even have my own wood pile! I don't get too cold wearing my fuzzy boots though!

Has a pretty good view out of the breakfast nook as well.

The view out the side! Do you ever get sick of mountains? It's like being sick of gummy bears. Doesn't happen for me.

View south towards the city off the patio.

One of the main perks is the huge outdoor space... and a pool. Although right now it's a frozen pond. We'll get there.

The place is high enough up in the mountains that snow falls on occasion.

Waiting until the pool warms up to try it as well. Although I DO have my wetsuit down here! CANNON BALL!!!

This little guy didn't sign up for snow. I thought cacti were supposed to be hot weather succulents!

The view down into the canyon at night.

So that's about it! Not a huge tour, but not a huge place!

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