Monday, November 15, 2010

Shilean Shinanigans...

Rundown: General foolishness around Santiago amidst brief bouts of teaching...

Location: Santiago, Chile

Took horses out around Lo Barnechea with the rest of the Nido newbies.

I had a great time, but I think I was breaking my horse's back. Yikes. I think I had some cowboy in my jeans... er... genes. Just need a couple of six-shooters.

Even managed to make some local friends despite my poor taste in head garb!

This little guy was following his mom in the herd of city-slicker-laiden horses moseying up the mountain. He was a pretty good sport once we sported him some apples!

On a separate note:

Participated in a fund raiser at school where the kids raised money and the winner got to do what they pleased with a pair of trimmers and their favorite teacher's head. I felt a little like batman for a week.

Shaved the do off right in time for the One Mic Stand, another fund raiser where the Nido staff fire up our best stage faces at a big barbecue.

...and the crowd goes wild... once I left the stage...

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