Friday, October 15, 2010

General Outdoor Fun!

Rundown: The cold has been moving out of Santiago making room for a little hiking and climbing in the mountains and canyons!

Location: Around Santiago, Chile

With work sliding into a well-oiled routine and the sun staying up later and later, we've been able to get out more often into the hills and quebradas around Santiago, hiking biking and climbing.

Snow still occasionally falls in the Andes, leaving them covered with white.

But in general things are warming up as we approach 'summer'. After not having any change in season for two years in Cartagena, we finally have something to show the passing to time.

Spent a few weekends out climbing with our friends Ben and Elizabeth, fellow teachers at our school. Ben has a great deal of mountaineering experience and has been great to climb with.

Miranda taking on one of her first outdoor climbs.

Sometimes rope-tangle makes you crazy! But it's nice to be out in the mountains again!

Elizabeth on a 5.10 that has been eluding us!

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