Monday, October 19, 2009

Taganga Trip

Location: Taganga, Colombia

Rundown: Headed up to Taganga, a small fishing village near Santa Marta, Colombia on a long weekend for some diving and sun!

Taganga is nestled in a little bay too shallow for big boats to come in, and has remained pretty quiet, mostly visited by backpackers, Colombians, and a few yahoo expats! Fishing boats tied up to the shore bob quietly, people bathe in the blue water, dogs run in the streets...

Boats in various stages of use, abuse, and disrepair are littered about Taganga. People salvaging old hulks of work-worn boats to make them take to the sea again.

Taganga is in a drier, cooler climate than humid, tropical Cartagena. It's packed with prickly cacti and iguanas.

Took a lancha out into the sea to do some diving! The rugged coastline was beautiful and the bottom topography made for great wall diving! Great fish and corals, along with a wicked current!

Between scuba dives we grabbed some lunch in a thatched roof hut built into the cliff of an island. We ate fresh fruit and sandwiches, threw the stick for the dive shop dog who came in the boat with us, and relaxed in the shade.

Note the resident dive shop dog who rode in the boat with us, swam on the surface while we dove, and jumped off cliffs to retrieve thrown driftwood!

Steep cliffs and deep water makes for great cliff diving! There isn't anything high to jump off of in Cartagena, so I 'aprovechared'!

Look Gramma! No hands!

Had some siesta time at our 'hotel' in net hammocks while we waited out the hot afternoon sun in the shade of the mango trees.

Hiked the dirt trails through the rocky, cacti-encrusted hills and found our own little beach. Swam until the sun set.

Twilight over Bahia Taganga.

On the way home realized the warning signs on the road were for anteaters! Watch out now!

More to come.

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Tina J said...

Hey, Pete! I just stumbled upon your blog, and it was great to see pictures!! Give our love to Miranda - we miss you guys! Say hi to Jose and those awesome students as well. We miss EVERYONE!!