Sunday, September 6, 2009

The 'New and Improved' Colegio Jorge Washington!

Location: Colegio Jorge Washington, Zona Norte

Rundown: The new school location, way outside of Cartagena, has wide open space, and tarantulas the size of tea saucers!

We start off the day walking out to the sea and waiting for the bus to pick us up while the sun rises over Centro. Aside from sweating a bit, it's beautiful.

The first week of school we had the distinct pleasure of taking a chicken bus out to the new and improved COJOWA, arriving sweaty and disgruntled. They have since given us busses with A/C, but here are some shots from the first week of school.

Every day is a good day when you're rollin' up in a bus WITH SUNGLASSES!!! Do things get any better? I submit that they do NOT!

Things are still getting up and running at the new and improved COJOWA. Power, A/C, copiers, computers, lab equiptment, internet, running water... little things still need to be installed... probably by November...

Our maintenance guys, like Jose, are working their butts off getting the school up and running. They get us what we need, like enough chairs and desks for all the students, and build what they can't find.

Here's my AP Physics class, a small group of excellent students who have been a blast to teach.

So there you go. More on the way...

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adrienne said...

how about huey, dewey, & louie for the fishies?

love your posts, btw. hopefully, i'll start my blog back up when i move back to france (one more week!).