Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kiting: A New Obsession

Rundown: Kiteboarding on a beach north of town! All the time!

Location: Boquilla beach...Cartagena, Colombia

Gotten into some kiteboarding lately. It's become something of an obsession. Learned down here, and have been on down wind runs from the mainland out to the Rosario Islands. Sweet stuff.

I'm flying a 12m Waroo by Best... It's pink and black, reminiscent of biker-chick barbie. Makes me feel like a tough guy.

Great consistent winds from the northwest make for awesome kiting...and great jumping! No jet pack required!

And a little video to top it off. Ciao.


adrienne said...

so i read this post first thing this morning, and in my barely-conscious state, i thought that mr. adventure had taken up knitting. you had me worried there for a minute. looks like you're having a blast... i'm going backpacking on the coast with a friend this weekend or the next!

chelsea said...

awesome video pete! what are you using to edit?

looks like lots of fun- I'm sure you had fun with Dad while he was down.... and it sounds like you will have fun with Mom too!

Miss ya!

Hal Foster said...

Nice Dude... I would like to see you jump the pier head in CHX on a nice windy day! Looks like a blast!