Saturday, January 31, 2009

Colombian Christmas

Location: Parque Tayrona and Minca, Colombia

Rundown: Rainforested mountains cascade into white sand beaches and blue water in Parque Tayrona. Great hiking in hippie heaven. Minca, a little mountain town with a beautiful river running through it. Chill culture

Christmas in Colombia is not quite like Christmas in northern Michigan. We did manage to find ourselves a tropical pine to bring home, plant, and decorate with origami ornaments and short-prone Colombian Christmas lights.

Cartagena itself was decorated with gaudy fake trees, lego-like figures on the old walls, and mermaids. People piled into the city from every corner of the world.

Wandered up to Santa Marta and then to Parque Tayrona for a couple of days getting in touch with our hammock-sleeping, sandal-wearing, hippie side. Parque Tayrona was beautiful, if a bit over run during the Christmas season. beautiful clear water and great hiking.

Found our way up to Minca, a sleepy, coffee-growing pueblo in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Nothing moves fast, people talk slow and blare Vallenato. Heard about a series of waterfalls and spent a day of trekking to find them.

Hiked through beautful rolling forested hills through stands of bamboo and huge old trees to find the secret waterfall.

So there it is... more on the way. Kiteboarding.

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