Saturday, September 15, 2012

Location:  Bariloche, Argentina

Rundown:  Spent a week in the ski capital of Argentina, Bariloche.

After the whirlwind trip to Detroit and back, I had a week of school, then we were off to Bariloche, the ski capital of Argentina.  Flew to Puerto Montt, then bussed over the Andes.

Bariloche has a strong German heritage, which can be seen in the architecture...

... as well as the cuisine.  The chocolates were fantastic.  We made ourselves sick.

The most impressive part of Bariloche is the fusion of alpine lakes with the mountains.  The fingers of the lakes reach and twist into the peaks.  You're never far from snow or water.


Although it was spring in the valleys, the peaks were still covered with snow.  We spent some time walking around town.

Spent some time doing a little spring skiing with the lakes in the background.

And the rest of the time eating and soaking up a little down time.

Got a little hiking in as well!

Nice to be back in Argentina!

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