Saturday, March 3, 2012

Canyonball Run

Location: Canyon El Arrayan, Chile

Rundown: A progressive pool party starting at our place and flowing down through the canyon to our friends' places... the Canyonball Run.
Fired up the blenders and ordered a huge batch of empanadas for the troops!

All of our friends came armed for the battle of the pools.  Contestants came hungry to compete in cannonball, long jump, belly smacker, and underwater hunt.

The crew quickly turned out tranquil, glassy pool and quiet cabin in the canyons...

...into the first annual Canyonball Run!  People started packing in and stripping down even though the day started out cloudy.


As we migrated downhill to the next piscina the clouds parted and the fun in the sun really wound up.

Swimming is hard work.  We did make sure to keep hydrated and rest up so we didn't burn out in the second round.

The order of business for the Galbraith's pool was long jump.

Migrated on foot down the winding canyon for piscina to piscina in search of blue water.

Not even our final stop and certain individuals in Mexican wrestling masks were throwing themselves off of the shed roof to get the gold for the belly flop competition.  Stopped taking pictures right about here.

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