Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To the Coast!

Rundown: Took advantage of a beautiful Wednesday off to hit Chile's ample coastline.

Location: Maitencillo, Chile

Had a random Wednesday off and decided to hit the coast! Just an hour from Santiago, some of the beaches are rocky and others long and sandy.

Gulls and pelicans filled the air, diving for fish. Realized how much I miss living by water!

Spent a few hour prowling the beach towns of Vina del Mar and Zapallar.

All along the shore people were selling fresh seafood, still wriggling!

Had fresh fish at some local digs and some Chilean brew.

Cut loose from the posh ocean side villages and hit the funky surf town of Maitencillo. Rented the coolest wetsuit ever and a big ol' board. Without a kite, I'm pretty useless on a board these days.

Who has the awesomest wetsuit EVER? I DO!!! Ships could see me for miles.

Caught some good ones, but more often than not found myself buried under a pile of breaking wave. Had some delicious humble pie with my cold salt water, but a darn good time.

Did have a few good runs though, but I have to say, with a little wind, the spot would be amazing for kitesurfing!

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John said...

Hi Pete, this is a message from the long lost John Weting. I have sent you a friend request through facebook. Horation mentioned you were on facebook. Great blog! Hope to catch up with you soon. Cheers, John