Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer in Charlevoix!

Rundown: Spent just under two weeks in Charlevoix the Beautiful. Awesome to be home sweet home, however short!

Location: Charlevoix, MI, US-of-A!!!

Spent half of the two weeks unpacking my life from Colombia, and the other half repacking gear for winter in Chile! In between got to hang out with my parents! Did some good kayaking, diving, and kiting! Not too many pictures from it all, but here's a few...

The kiting is great! The water is clear and doesn't burn your eyes when you get sprayed unlike the sea water I'd been used to, but COLD!!!! Felt great to be on the board and in the Great Lakes again. Too long!

Almost looks like the Caribbean! Maybe even better! Rode one downwind from Fisherman's Island State Park, across the bay and landed at the McSauba public access. Great ride with good wind and not another kite in the sky! Landlubbers!!!!

Here's a little video of the kiting. Nothing special.

Thanks to my spotters!!! Did a couple of downwind runs! One was 11 miles from South of Elk Rapids heading north towards Norwood. Took a couple hours, but was an awesome ride! Sweet!

Even had a little time to do a mini excursion up to St. Helena Island in the Straights of Mackinaw to do a little diving and visit the refurbished lighthouse!

...and find some sunken treasure!!! Er... or an old stone end-table. Pretty fun none the less!

Repacked my gear and set out to Santiago de Chile! More to come!

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