Sunday, October 5, 2008

Around Cartagena

When we're not venturing into the wild unknown far from Cartagena, there's plenty to do fairly close to home away from home.

Location: Islas de Rosarios, Colombia

The Islas de Rosarios, off the coast near Cartagena, are an hour speedboat ride away. Headed out to the islands with the other teachers here for a little get-away a few weeks ago. The marina doesn't have enough space for all the boats, so they put each one in with a fork lift.

Out through the bay and into the sea.

Good sea, good people, goodness gracious...

Clear blue water...

...and mangroves.


Location: Santa Rosa, Colombia

Went to a pseudo-bull fight called a Corrida. There's the ring we all know and love, and the bull, but the finely tailored matador is swapped for about 100 rough-looking yahoos. The good news is that the bull isn't killed. One by one, pissed off bulls are charge into the wooden, creaking arena from some unseen source. The crowd scatters, hanging from the structure above the bull's reach.

They taunt the beast, throw things at is, run in front of it, yell at it. The bull pleasantly responds by chasing, trampling, and often goring the participants.

Would-be matadors try their hand at fending off massive bovine fury with nothing more than a cape or sometimes an umbrella.

Some do well, others not so well.

8 bulls, 6 pretty serious casualties....and the crowd goes wild. It's supposed to celebrate the running of the bulls in Pamplona. I was strictly forbidden to enter the arena by my Colombian friends. I thanked them on behalf of my parents.

Check out the quick video. Big fun.

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