Sunday, September 14, 2008

Settling into Cartagena

Cartagena's old city, El Centro.

The city center is all lit up at night. Great to stroll though with vendors and people out walking. There are great restaurants and salsa bars. The whole place is ringed with a colonial wall to keep out pirates. Walking along the ramparts is beautiful. Behind me is iglesia San Pedro.

The Iglesia Catedral

In the streets there are these big double doors made of wood fortified with metal studs and bands sometimes. They're big enough to pull a carriage into the open courtyards inside that are part of most all of the old colonial buildings.

Long hallway of arches inside Iglesia San Pedro.

One of the entrances to the old city that breaks into a cobblestone plaza.

The beautiful streets of El Centro are a labrynth. Great to get lost wandering though. Pretty safe, even at night. Reminds me of New Orelans Old French Quarter with the balconies and hanging plans.

The Iglesia Catedral lit up at night.

Horse draw carriages are always around in the center.

Back in Boca Grande, in my apartment you can see El Centro in the distance.

It's hard to have a bad day when they end with this...

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chelsea said...

Awesome colonial architecture! You're right, it DOES look like the French Quarter in New Orleans! I can't wait to visit!

How did you get back from the beach- did your taxi wait for you while you played in the surf and tanned yourself on the beach?

Keep the pictures coming! Love you!