Sunday, May 4, 2008

From Russia With Love

Khabarovsk, Russia (RU)
Moscow, RU
Vladivostok, RU

Although a bit belated, here are some shots from my student teaching bout in Khabarovsk Russia, from August to November 2007. Stayed with a host family and taught Physics, English, and English Litterature (yea, weird, I know...) to English speaking Russian high school students. Nasdarovia!

Ploshad Slava, Rivia Amurskaya
(Victory Square, Amur River)
Khabarovsk, Russia

Vladivostok, Russia

Staying with Sasha's relatives on a RUSSIAN ARMY BASE while visiting Vladivostok. I was instructed to 'not say a word' as we drove through checkpoints with AK-47 toting guards. Amazing people though...

Train station
Vladivostok, Ru

Khabarovks, Ru

My Russian Family!
Sasha, Sergei, Sasha Nikishina, Valentina Alexandrovna, Julia, Pete, Anna.
Khabarovsk, Ru

My Russian students of Gymnasium No.5

Sweet Soviet transportation

St. Basil's Cathedral
Moscow, Ru

Domed cathedral of the Russian Ortodox
Kremlin, Moscow, Ru

Apartment buildings
Khabarovsk, Ru

Teaching in Gymnasium No.5

So, although not a comprehensive overview of my Russian excursion, there's a little taste. More to come in Colombia.

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warcraftfan88 said...

the photos here are astonishing!!! If someone has not went to Moscow... you get a little taste of what it is like.