Saturday, May 5, 2007

"The Continent"

Edinburgh & Roslin, Scotland
London, England
Paris & Normandy, France

(soon to come: Belfast, Italy)


Outside Edinburgh

Secondary school in Edinburgh

Roslin Chapel
Roslin, Scotland

Murder and mystery during 1800's in the winding back alleyways or 'closes' of Edinburgh...
Fisherman's Close
Edinburgh, Scotland

Outside of Roslin
Roslin, Scotland


A shot of Big Ben and the London Eye from one of the many bridges crossing the Thames. Shot at night walking from the metro station to Ian Rios' apartment.

Tower Bridge
London, UK

This shot is of me wandering the streets of London, shot by Ian Rios, my benefactor during the London excursion.


Sacre Cour, Monte Marte
Paris, France

Sacre Cour at night
Paris, France

Normandy, France


Shot for my buddy Mike Castiglione.

The highlight of my entire year: Flying a paper airplane off of the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Flight time (nearest I can tell): 3:35
Landing Zone (LZ): Tree in park nearby.

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