Monday, August 18, 2008

Colombia: The Adventure Begins...

Location: Cartagena, Colombia

Well, I made it to Colombia! I'm teaching 7th and 8th grade math at the Colegio Jorge Washington in BocaGrande, Cartagena. I'll be updating this blog as often as possible! Let the fun begin!

The view from my room out the back of the apartment. We're on the 9th floor, with great breezes! La Popa is a monastary on top of the hill in the picture. The green area is a Colombian Navy base, so we get the Colombian national anthem at 8:00 every day, provided that we're home! You can see the submarines from here!

A quick VIDEO of my place!

Los Quatros Amigos: Nick, Pete, Austin, and William

The old colonial city, El Centro, lit up at night. Cobble stones, horses and carts, etc... An awesome place to meander through the narrow old streets.

Our Colombian friend William, helping Austin and I make some killer dinner. The sunsets out our front window are always spectacular! Great colors! We're often in the water at that time though. The sun sets around 6:30, which throws me off!

Out our front window as well. Fireworks over the Caribbean are hard to beat.

Austin and Willam having a little lunch at a restaurant near El Parque Botanical, a park out of town. The busses to get there we an adventure in themselves!

An old church buried in the foliage of El Parque Botanical de Cartagena.

Awesome plants, birds, and even a couple monkeys (not shown in picture...)

La Popa, a monastary on the hilltop in Cartagena.

Busloads of kids going here and there on school trips! Big fun!

On the boat to Baru, an island off of Cartagena.

Fortresses guard the harbor on the way to Baru.

Las Islas Rosarias

So there you have it. The first installation of the Colombian excursion! More to come later.