Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mike's Bachelor Party and Wedding!

Rundown:  Mike's Bachelor Party and Wedding!

Location:  Detroit and Lansing, Michigan

To my best man.  Congrats buddy.

The Participants:

               "Having the Most Fun"                  "Taken"                           "Juan Valdez"

                            "Worth It"                        "Bubbles"                               "Tunked"                

                         "Better Plans"                   "Lavern"                                "Shirley"

Flew into Detroit for Mikey's big day.... the Bachelor Party!  Also planned to stay for the wedding.  Mike met me early at the airport and whisked me away to his beautiful new house where all the boys had shown up magically!  We all loaded up in the car and whisked Mikey away to his first destination.  The home and garden store is surely Mike's favorite.

We weighed the benefits of flat-nosed versus spade style shovel, debated the best fertilizer type and application, and had only one heated argument about the merits of perennials versus annuals.

In the end, we all tried out different types of equipment.  I think the whole thing brought a sense of manliness to the ordeal that everyone appreciated.

Even me.

Took a boat out on the lake and passed a few hours entertaining ourselves on the water.  The peace and tranquility was an excellent spot to reflect on the important life transition Mike was going through.

It also gave us a chance to come together as men and bond.  It's an important tradition that I felt proud to be a part of.

We took our last dips into the clear waters, washing away our old lives and welcoming the new.  And with that we sailed into the sunset of Mike's bachelorhood.

Arriving at home we

The next morning after brushing our teeth, we rushed over to the reception hall.

We were elated to be part of the set up crew, fluffing, hanging, draping, moving, rehanging, refluffing, rehanging, rehanging, cursing, refluffing, moving, rehanging...

Awarded our hard work and sacrifice with a big lunch when we should've been doing something productive.  We had way more fun at lunch though.

Celebrated some more after the rehearsal ceremony and rehearsal dinner... etc...  A guy gets used to living in South America and being the hugest dude in a bar.  These monsters made me feel tiny!

Every night we took a poll to see who had the most fun, and Hal hands down took the cake.  God bless Taylor for putting up with him.

The morning of the big day we brushed and buffed, performed our three S's, and donned tuxes.

Cruised the boulevard a few times looking for hot chicks that weren't freaked out buy a suburban full of odd-looking, tux-wearing, guys with terrible sun glasses.  No luck, so we hit the photo shoot.

Good thing we practiced walking in style.  Men in Black be-damned; you don't need one of those flashing devices to wipe one's memory clear.  We figured out how to do that at the bachelor party evening!

Then it was off to the races!  This was the part where Mike was wringing his hands in worry and sweating profusely and I had to calm him down by slapping him in the face and yelling, "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN!"

Mike soon composed himself.  Jessie was so radiant as she walked down the aisle, we all got crazy glowing eyes.  All foolin' aside, it was a beautiful ceremony and I was proud to be there.

And then we took more pictures!  

Dad flew in from Seattle!

Denny flew in from Germany!

These guys flew in from who knows where!

Spirited away by a fancy stretch hummer to the reception.  (Is anyone reading still by this point? Drop me a comment if you are.)

Got to make a speech during the dinner.  As it appears in the photo, I was a jerk and made fun of the bride's mother.  Mike was pissed, as you can clearly see, but Jessie found it hilarious.

But the next morning after a long night that the bride and groom had long waited for, Mike forgave me for the things I said and we had breakfast and a good deal of wine.

Then Mike drove me to the airport and kicked me out of the country from whence I came! 

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